Groov-e 3600mAh Portable Power Solar Bank Charger for Smartphone and Tablets

Groov-e 3600mAh Portable Power Solar Bank Charger for Smartphone and Tablets

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Part Number:Groov-e 3600mAh Portable Solar Charger

  • Portable Solar Battery Charger for Smartphones, Tablets, e-Readers, GPS, Cameras
  • Intelligent Charging with Auto Safety Cut-Off
  • Pre-Charged & Ready To Use
  • Includes a Travel Pouch
  • Device charging time 1.5-2 hours

Product Description

The Groov-e 3600mAh Portable Solar Charger is compact, powerful & efficient. It fits easily into yourpocket, handbag or rucksack ready to provide instant power whenever andwherever you need it. Our Solar Charger has recieved a 5/5 rating from theDaily Mail!

What input/output rate is it charged at:

·  Input 4.5V-5.8V/1A

·  Output 5V/1A or 5V/2A

How long does it take to charge?

·  Self charging time via USB 4-5hours

·  Self charging time via Sun 25hours (needs initial mains charge)

·  Device charging time 1.5-2 hours

What can you charge?

·  iPad/Tablet up to 1 time

·  iPhone/Smart Phone 2-3 times

·  GPS 2-3 times

·  Mobile Phone 4-6 times

·  e-Reader 1-2 times

·  iPod/MP3 player 4-6 times

About Groov-e…

Our brand was formed in 2009 and very quickly established itself withthe UK's major high street retailers and online stores. 
We aim to create a brand that will provide consistent quality, desirability andgreat value all under one easily recognizable name – Groov-e

Products in our range:

We make classic portable stereos, on-trend earphones and headphones,portable power chargers, stylish Bluetooth speakers, colourful ukuleles, andaccessories for the latest consumer gadgets. Just type Groov-e into the Amazonsearch engine and see our entire range

Box Contains

1 x Solar Charger ;1 x USB Cable;1 x Micro USB;1 x Mini USB;1 x NokiaTip; 1 x Travel Pouch

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